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The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) are intended to ensure that Health and Safety issues are properly considered during a project’s development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced. They were introduced in 1994 and revised in 2007. A further revision came into force in April 2015.​

CHASE Consulting is a Health and Safety consultancy practice specialising in construction safety and specifically the delivery and implementation of CDM 2015. We have a wealth of knowledge that spans many years and covers many aspects. Our team have a wide and diverse knowledge of safety, regulations, ways of implementing best practice along with skills that will be directly transferable to your projects.


Who requires a CDM Adviser?

CDM 2015 introduced several new duties and responsibilities that were not previously required of construction Clients under the previous regulations.

These new duties no longer stop at statutory appointments of a ‘Principal Designer” in lieu of a CDM Co-ordinator and the Principal Contractor. The new Regulations require that Clients pick up several of the duties previously undertaken by the CDM Co-ordinator on their behalf.


The CDM Adviser role is crucial in helping Clients to improve the overall Health and Safety standards of projects and meet their legal obligations. We can confidently guide, advise and influence our clients into making good, sound decisions about Health and Safety on projects.


What are the Client Duties under the regulations?

  • The Client must check that any designer or contractor being appointed has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to carry out the work in a way that ensures Health and Safety of those involved or associated with project.

  • Provide Pre Construction Information to every designer and contractor appointed or being considered for appointment.

  • Make suitable arrangements for managing a project including the allocation of sufficient time and resource.

  • Ensure that CDM arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the project.

  • Ensure that the contractor has the prescribed welfare facilities in place before work starts.

  • Give Notice to the Health and Safety Executive via Form F10.

  • Where one or more contractor will be involved, appoint a Principal Designer.

  • Ensure that the Principal Designer fulfills their role and complies with their duties.

  • Where one or more contractor will be involved, appoint a Principal Contractor.

  • Ensure that the Principal Contractor complies with their duties.

  • Ensure that before the construction phase begins an adequate/suitable Construction Phase Plan is drawn up by the Contractor or Principal Contractor.

  • Ensure that a Health and Safety File is prepared for the project. ​


Our consultants are able to provide guidance and undertake the relevant tasks in order for the Client to have met each of the stated duties.

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