Health and Safety Management Planning

A safety management system is a formal process to review the safety of your business, evaluate risks and make a plan to control them. Elements include training, communication, emergency response and measuring the effectiveness of the system.

The benefits of  installing and maintaining an effective Health and Safety Management system are widely recognised, however actually developing the necessary systems to deliver these improvements are often less well understood.

Putting a safety management system into place saves money. Reducing liability and risk in the workplace lowers insurance claims and premiums. The system ensures regulatory compliance, so fines and other costs associated with non-compliance are reduced or eliminated.

CHASE Consulting bring this skillset to you and your organisation and allows you to be safe in the knowledge that not only are you discharging your legal duties correctly but delivering real change.

We provide our clients with professionally qualified and extremely capable Health and Safety Professionals with a proven track record in delivering change and delivering improved performance through effective risk management across a wide ranges of industries, including construction, facilities and estates management, education, telecoms, engineering and social care organisations. 

Our consultants are adept at working to various structured Health and Safety management systems including HSG 65 and the OHSAS 18001. We are also closely following the development of the new ISO 45001 standard to ensure we are well positioned to assist our clients with its implementation in the coming months.

Safety Audits

Our suite of flexible Health and Safety audit options via the CHASE Consulting Safety App means that we are able to meet the specific audit needs of all organisations. 

Some of our more common audits include:

  • Health and Safety Management compliance auditing

  • Safety Tour audit

  • Construction Site Safety inspections

  • Office Safety inspections

  • Care Home inspections

  • Fire Safety inspections

  • Demolition/Asbestos Removal site inspections

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Risk Assessment

The purpose of the risk assessment is to demonstrate that, in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, a suitable and sufficient assessment has been made of:

  1. the risks to the health and safety of your company employees based at your business address

  2. the risks to the above staff when working on premises/site or visiting other offices;

  3. the risks to the health and safety of agency staff, contractors and visitors working at or visiting the office.

Our consultants are able to undertake a wide variety of risk assessments on our Clients behalf and, furthermore, are able to provide guidance on the risks identified and the implementation of appropriate mitigation and control measures.

Property Portfolio Health and Safety Management

Some of the Clients we work with have numerous buildings within their property portfolio across many geographical locations. Building types can vary in terms of age, construction and condition as as being operational occupied spaces or derelict unoccupied premises. Our consultants are suitably qualified and experienced to undertake inspections of the buildings or undertake site specific risk assessments for all property within the portfolio.

Is the Health and Safety Management role something we can assist you with? 

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