Health and Safety File Preparation

A Health and Safety File (HSF) is required on all projects involving more than one contractor under the CDM Regulations 2015. If a Health and Safety File exists for a structure involved in a project with only one contractor, this file will still need to be updated.

The health and safety file should contain the information needed to allow future construction work, including cleaning, maintenance, alterations refurbishment and demolition to be carried out safely. The scope, structure and format of the file should be agreed between the client and the Principal Designer at the start of the project.

We take a practical common sense approach to preparing Health and Safety Files. They must be easy to read and navigate with specific information readily available. We can provide hard copies where required, but increasingly our files are in a fully indexed electronic pdf format making it easier to produce and subsequent searches for information - not forgetting it is also better for the environment.

Contractor Bid Support

With a strong commercial understanding of how reducing your risk profile can attract Clients, we are able to support you and your commercial team on the production of tender documentation and attend Client meetings as your specialist adviser. This service can include the preparation and delivery of specialist presentations and input into the proposed construction methodologies and site logistics. Together we will demonstrate to prospective Clients that you have the necessary expertise and competence to undertake their projects and successfully manage the Health & Safety aspects of the works.

Client Tender Assessment and Contractor Vetting

As part of our service we can assist you in developing your supply chain to ensure that it meets the exacting standards expected by your organisation, this process involves desk top studies of their submission reviewing their Health & Safety Management arrangements, performance and proposals for your project.  Our methodical approach ensures that you are not exposing yourself or business to unnecessary risk from the use of contractors who do not share your professionalism or commitment to the very highest standards.

Accident Investigation

From time to time accidents do occur and this could be with the best laid plans to manage Health and Safety in place. We are able to provide you comprehensive feedback on not only providing details on the circumstances surrounding and accident but also to identify the route causes in order to help ensure the incident is not repeated. During the process we will also ensure the appropriate reporting procedures such as to the HSE are followed and liaise with 3rd parties as required.

Social Care Services

Let CHASE Consulting help you with your health and safety within the Social Care industry...find out more here 

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