Retained Services Explained

Retainers have evolved to cover scenarios where the emphasis is on the delivery of ‘value’, and not cost or time, although the savings in cost and time is often a component of a retainer model. For example, a highly skilled and experienced Health & Safety professional might resolve an issue in one phone call or a single site visit saving their client the price and effort to resolve by other means.

Achieving compliance with Health & Safety Legislation is an ongoing practice. We all strive to send our workforce home unharmed and without incident at the end of each day. Retained services are a forum by which to achieve this goal. It is also seen as an investment to protect against the greater costs of an accident. Where some costs of an accident are ‘insured’ against there are many significant costs which are not so visible such as loss of time on a project, damage to reputation and reduced commercial opportunities, fines, increased insurance premiums and harming the company morale.

It is a legal duty under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 that every organisation must have access to competent Health and Safety advice and assistance. Our highly successful retainer Health and Safety service has been designed to help you fulfil this legal obligation in a very cost effective manner.

Our knowledge and understanding of these legal requirements means we are best placed to guide you through the practical measures to be adopted in you company or implemented on your projects. A retained service or seconded role allows us to provide you with this value whilst you continue to focus on the other functions of the business.

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