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" I'm a forward thinker, be prepared is my motto."
                         Anthony Heaton-Jones

       CHASE Consulting Company Founder,

Director and Consultant.

I started CHASE Consulting as I had a passion for Health and Safety and ensuring that it had real value rather than being a box ticking exercise. I could see how I could make a difference and ultimately influence others and show how making health and safety a priority meant that everyone was a winner.

 My exposure to many diverse projects has given me invaluable experience in health & safety and environmental consultancy across many market sectors for both public and private enterprises. These include construction, medical, mining, environmental and commercial. Acting as a CDM Coordinator for high level clients, I have flexibility and exceptional expertise in all forms of health, safety and environmental management with the ability to direct strategic planning of organisational policy and procedures. I have specialist knowledge on built environmental issues and have a personal interest in the environmental implications of construction projects as well as the promotion of the Construction Design & Management Regulations (CDM). 

Anthony Heaton-Jones
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