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CDM 2015




The CDM 2015 Regulations changes.


1.The ‘Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision (IITS)’ requirement under Regulation 8 has been changed to ‘Skills, Knowledge and 

Training’ for Designers (including Principal Designer) and Contractors (including Principal Contractor).

2. The roles for domestic projects have been better clarified.



The CDM Coordinator role has been replaced by a Principal Designer.  A number of our clients have been asking for further details of what this role actually means.


The Principal Designer should:

1. Have design experience and knowledge of the project and be in a position to have control and influence on health and safety in the design.

2. Have the authority to influence the management of health and safety on the project.

3. Consider whether they have any gaps in their own skills, knowledge, training or experience and if so, liaise with other specialists to assist.

4. Be an individual or ideally an organisation with:

• Technical knowledge relevant to the project;

• Ability to recognise how health and safety should be managed and coordinated throughout the design process; and

• The skills to be able to influence the management and coordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase of the project and any on-going design, particularly prior to any significant changes during construction phase.

Although an organisation could be appointed to undertake the role, an individual with the right skills, knowledge, training and experience should be identified and named as the point of contact. Good relationships with the client, designers and principal contractor working on the project are essential.



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