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Our qualified and knowledgeable consultants will offer individual services to meet your needs. Our experience shows that evaluating situations and taking things back to basics can maximize client buy in, promote opportunities for safer practice and facilitate a greater understanding of what to do, when to do it and why.
​We know that businesses vary tremendously. We also know that a generic approach to Health and Safety is rarely effective, can end up costly and can show poor Value For Money. CHASE Consulting will therefore tailor our comprehensive Health and Safety Services to suit YOUR business needs. 


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Client CDM Adviser Services

The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) are intended to ensure that H&S issues are properly considered during a project’s development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced.

​CHASE Consulting specialisies in construction safety and specifically the delivery and implementation of CDM 2015. Our team have a wide and diverse knowledge of safety, regulations, ways of implementing best practice along with skills that will be directly transferable to your projects.

The CDM Adviser role is crucial in helping Clients to improve the overall H&S standards of projects and meet their legal obligations. We can confidently guide, advise and influence our clients into making good, sound decisions about Health and Safety on projects.

These Client duties no longer stop at statutory appointments of a ‘Principal Designer” and the “Principal Contractor”. The new Regulations require that Clients assess competence, provide pre construction information, monitor the PD & PC to ensure duties are fulfilled and to allow sufficient time and resource for the project.


2. Principal Designer Services

Principal Designer Services

The Principal Designer (PD) services offered by CHASE Consulting are set out in accordance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015  to improve H&S on construction projects.​ We drive the management of H&S through the stages of a project to ensure Buildability, Usability and Maintainability features are encompassed in the project Designs with ownership taken by the Client and Project Team.

​The PD is an appointment which the construction project Client must make where there is likely to be two or more contractors working on site at any one time. The Principal Designer should be appointed as early as possible in the design process and at least before the start of the construction phase, so they have enough time to carry out their duties to plan and manage the H&S elements of the pre-construction phase. If a Client fails to appoint a Principal Designer, the Client must carry out the role.

The PD role is seen as pivotal in helping to improve the overall standards of Health and Safety on projects and in particular, we can confidently guide, advise and influence our clients into making good, sound decisions about Health and Safety on projects.

1. Health & Safety Site Inspections

Health & Safety Site Inspections

At CHASE Consulting we pride ourselves on completing accurate and detailed inspections, using the CHASE Safety Inspection tool - setting us apart from our competitors. The in-house developed portal enables us to tailor the H&S topics covered and amend the scoring system to suit the Client’s requirements.

‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) are important in order to monitor performance against the goals and objectives set. Our inspection tool can support your statutory compliance and furthermore, it will assist with identifying and sharing Best Practice.

Our ‘Dashboard’ feature can be used to highlight trends and performance in graphical formats. A summary of scored reports across numerous sites and contractors is provided in a simple to interpret form providing feedback to both the Client and Contractor on good practice and observations or non-compliance. Commentary and site photos help to elaborate on the topic and support the goal improving Health & Safety standards.

Utilising the CHASE Safety Inspection allows us…and you…to be more time and cost efficient in this important part of Health & Safety management.


Principal Contractor Documents

 & Support 

Principal Contractors are required to comply with their duties under the CDM Regulations with regards to managing and co-ordinating H&S on a construction site. Whilst they are required to have the relevant Skills, Knowledge and Experience to undertake the role, resource and timescales can prove challenging therefore CHASE can provide additional support in the preparation of Principal Contractor documentation.

This can include:

  • Construction Phase Plans

  • Risk Assessments

  • Method Statements

  • Internal H&S Inspection Reports

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Toolbox Talks

  • Registers and checklists

  • H&S Files

It is important that operatives on construction sites are adequately protected by H&S arrangements. At CHASE we provide a complete range of services and can assist Principal Contractors with their H&S Management. We are also able to assist the contractor with Site Monitoring H&S Inspections,  and provision of Principal Designer services all in line with the CDM Regulations.

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Health & safety management Systems

A safety management system is a formal process to review the safety of your business, evaluate risks and make a plan to control them. Elements include training, communication, emergency response and measuring the effectiveness of the system.

The benefits of  installing and maintaining an effective Management System are widely recognised, however actually developing the necessary systems to deliver these improvements are often less well understood.

CHASE Consulting bring this skillset to you and your organisation and allows you to be safe in the knowledge that not only are you discharging your legal duties correctly but delivering real change.​ We have a proven track record in delivering change and  improved performance through effective risk management across a wide ranges of industries, including construction, facilities, education, engineering and social care.

​Our consultants are adept at working to various structured Health and Safety management systems including ISO 45001 and HSG 65 standards. We are well positioned to assist our clients with its implementation and support the internal audit process.


ISO Certification

Achieving ISO certification is a benchmark of an organisation's commitment to quality following the Plan-Do-Check-Act structure. Auditing an organisation's management system to ensure compliance with ISO requirements is a fundamental part of ISO certification.

CHASE are able to provide you with ISO internal auditing. This covers all the major standards and compliance requirements for organisations looking to obtain or maintain ISO accreditations.

As part of your business, ISO-certified management systems need to be internally audited annually by a competent auditor. CHASE can provide this trained person for you, on a one-off or ongoing basis, over multiple or single site locations with an upfront briefing of the process and timescales for the audit.

From ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management systems to ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, internal auditors ensure organisations remain compliant, identifying gaps and nonconformity issues that need addressing. Outsourcing this function enables you to  focus on the business primary purpose and release the burden of this compliance system.


Policies and Procedures

As part of any organisations H&S management system, policies and procedures are at the heart of documenting the process and methods used to achieve compliance with legislation. Even smaller company’s  still have legal obligations when it comes to paperwork.

Did you know that it is a legal requirement to have a written H&S Policy, with five or more employees? There may also be a requirement to have written Risk Assessments and Method Statements in place. Should any incident occur then a review of the documentation in place forms part of an investigation to establish the immediate and route causes.

Whilst document templates are widely available, it can be difficult to establish which are relevant to your business function or leave you at risk where particular activities are not covered or adequately managed. We are able to assist in identifying policy and procedural requirements and the development of specific documentation, ensuring you remain compliant and suitable measures in place to reduce risk.

Documentation need not be a complex and time consuming aspect of running a business with the right support from the right people.


Health and Safety Files

A Health and Safety File is a repository of health and safety information that serves as a legal record, benefiting both clients and end users – from initial construction through use, cleaning, maintenance, alterations and refurbishment, and demolition.

At CHASE Consulting we are able to offer services relating to the production of Health and Safety Files in both hard copy and electronically.

Our experienced consultants will review and understand the project in detail in order to ascertain the information required to complete the file. They will lead in the coordination and production of this information.

Outsourcing this task enables you to focus on other aspects while maintaining compliance and in order to achieve Practical Completion with the required handover documentation.


Other Services

Do you have another Health & Safety related query?

To find out about other areas of our H&S expertise you can utilise or to find out more about CHASE Consulting Ltd, head to the Contact Us page

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