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At CHASE Consulting we believe that our staff are our greatest asset and as such we take great care of both their physical and mental well being.

We have clear, honest and open communication with our staff.  We want our staff to stay with us, to grow and develop both themselves and the business. We treat our staff as we would like to be treated ourselves. This is not something that we just say, it is ingrained in the way that we act and respond to situations. We know that we are a great company to work for, because our staff tell us so

"CHASE Consulting care as much about their team as they do about Safety. "


"CHASE consulting embody the work life balance."

"I've never had managers quite like Anthony and Libby. They make it their mission to ensure that, whilst Client contracts are being delivered to the highest possible standard, their staff feel fully supported, appreciated and are happy in their work." 

"Senior management are approachable and always open to suggestions and ideas from staff. They care that we are happy and motivated, all ingredients that mean I am proud to work for CHASE Consulting”. 


We feel that family holidays are incredibly important, they allow families time to bond together and create a stronger family unit. They allow time to relax and to recharge the batteries. Life has to be a definite balance between work and holiday and both are just as important.  

Working day:

CHASE Consulting fully appreciates that life does not happen outside of the usual working day for example children and grandchildren have sports days and presentations, staff have hospital appointments and pets get sick and staff have volunteering commitments. Life is far too short to miss your children’s milestones or to not be there to support your pet or the charity that means a lot to you. We ensure that whatever it is that is important to our staff that we enable them to spend time doing it by enabling flexible working.

Volunteering and caring:

At CHASE Consulting, we see a value in community, that it is more important to give than to receive and as such we actively support all of our staff who choose to volunteer their time or be a carer. However, we realise that this is a very personal decision linked closely to a person’s situation and therefore it is left completely up to staff should they wish to do so.

CPD and Career Progression:

At CHASE Consulting we believe that you should never stop learning. We value people who find a problem and then search for a solution or ask for support to find a solution. We believe that a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. We actively encourage staff to try new things and we ensure that we support them both emotionally and financially to do so.


People are the  key element in any business and due to the nature of our work and the fact that we currently work from home rather than have an office and that for the majority of the time our staff are in our clients office, we ensure that the offices they do work in are supportive and that we make time to go out together. We ensure that all our staff feel appreciated, we truly care about our staff as people.


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